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  • Nayanika Mahtani

South Asia Book Award for Across the Line!

A small ray of sunshine came my way today amidst all the bleakness.

'Across the Line' has been selected in the Honours List of the 2020 South Asia Book Awards, alongside a fabulous line-up of books from across the world.

This is even more special to me as being based in the UK disqualifies my books from being submitted as entries for many prestigious awards within India.

'Across the Line' was a difficult book for me to write - there were many regrets that resurfaced, many conversations I wish I had had with my grandparents about this cataclysmic upheaval in their lives. There were days my daughters would walk in after school to find tears streaming down my face as I typed (which, even by my standards of sobbing along with Federer at tennis award ceremonies, was a little extreme.)

But I think it afforded me perspective, something I have really needed in these past few months. Perhaps, that's why this story chose to be written when it did, after waiting all these years.

So grateful for this honour, thank you SABA.

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